Our night at Sonoma DC

When my parents were in town, we all got together for dinner at Sonoma DC.

Here's the slightly extended fam!

Do we look confused? Because we were.

The menu is extensive, which can make your choices difficult in any situation, but this one was... different. There were cheese courses, small plates and salads. But then, there were also pastas, main courses and pizza. Oh, right, and charcuterie and sides. To be fair, I knew this already, because their menu is listed online. There was considerable planning and research going into this dinner, actually.

Since my parents were coming in, and it happened to fall close to my birthday, I got to pick our destination. I knew that DC had some restaurants that are working towards serving sustainable, ethically raised, local foods... And I wanted to try one! My first choice was Equinox, because we'd been there years ago and loved it, but they were closed for renovations. Looking through the Sonoma DC menu, I was excited by all the different types of options. I'm usually happier with my appetizers than entrees, so lots of pre-main meal options = good.

We were seated right away, even though we were early for our reservation. The wine list was our first challenge; even in a group of wine lovers, it was difficult to find any wines we'd seen before. Once we decided (everyone but my gin-preferringĀ  husband just ordered what my dad picked! Safety in numbers, or something?) we were all happy with the wine. Score 1 for our group.

After pondering all the many options and wondering how they intended us to order... cheese first? small plates? is pasta a pre-entree course? We asked our waiter for help. "Oh, it's whatever you want to do." While I appreciate the "customer is always right" mentality, we wanted needed instructions! Surely, there was a plan? The chef must have structured the menu like that intentionally? Well, if he did, someone should fill in our waiter. We took another tactic, asking how large each of the option categories were. "Oh, that depends on which ones you're considering." Peachy. Some of the salads, large enough to share. Some of the small plates, small enough for one.

We muddled through the ordering, some ordering 2 small plates and an entree, others sharing a salad and ordering entrees. Jay and I opted to share a small plate - the meatballs served with soft polenta. He ordered a burger, and I ordered a roast beet salad, and a pasta course.

I was confused when my salad came first, because... well, I was just confused. But, oh. my. god. This salad... roasted beets, including golden ones, bacon, blue cheese and salad greens that included beet greens. I'm a new-comer to beets, and wow, that was an amazing combination.

After that, our meatballs came. Gooey with cheese, tomato sauce and polenta, they were also really good. We were both really pleased and quickly ate them all up.

My pasta course, which was a light linguine with bacon and egg, was pretty good. I thought it lacked some flavor compared to the rest of the dishes, but it was good. Jay really liked his burger, so his dining experience was complete!

We all finished up sharing a couple of desserts... I'm not a dessert person, so I had a bite and was happy. And, I'm sorry to say, I don't remember what those desserts were!

All in all, it was a great night with really good food.

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