Local Living… Wine!

Quick drive by to share our Maryland wine tasting on Saturday!

frederick wine trail

Such a pretty drive!

First stop was Linganore Winery, where we tasted 16! wines. Picnic after that!



(Picture shamelessly stolen from Stephanie - our 3rd partner in crime.)

After that tasting, we hung out there for some bread, fruit and cheese. Divine!

Then we made a quick stop at Loew Winery, where we weren't super impressed with the wines and generally disappointed with the tasting. So we headed to Elk Run!



Gotta love any winery that has a cat wandering through the tasting room. His name is Moo!

We did the "choose your own adventure" tasting, where you picked any 6 wines to taste. Lots of interesting wines there, including a zinfandel and port. The pinot was the big surprise winner... that, and the sangria.


Yummy sangria!

We finally ended our day at the Wine Kitchen in Frederick. Everything was delicious, I would definitely go back!


Ok, so it's not California by any stretch... but I was really pleasantly surprised with the wines. Such a fun day with Steph and Kristin, and I think we'd all go again!


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  • Doug says:

    There are some nice local wines on the market. Romano in Prince George County has a very nice selection. Robin Hill farms, also in PG, is planting vineyards and anticipating wine in a few years. Keep your eye open.

    We are a new local, paastured, sustainable farm following Joel Salatin practices. We currently offer eggs, chicken, pork, and limited beef. We are growing beef and lamb and hope to have an excellent supply by fall. We’d love to have you come check the farm out. Our website is http://www.cabincreekheritagefarm.com

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